Twelve Wonderful Food Blogs Worth Investigating: Spread a Little Bloggin’ Sunshine

What would your list of your twelve favourite food blogs look like? It was more challenging than I thought to create a roster of one’s top dozen sites.

The charming blogger, Ewa, of Delishhh gave me a “Sunshine Award”. She blogs from not-too-distant Seattle, is careful in creating good posts, and features some unusual examples of Swedish cuisine among her many recipes, so I really do enjoy her site. Ewa and I share a fondness for lingonberries (give them a try, people), but I did not expect such a nice compliment out of the blue. Thank you, Ewa!

Winners can copy and paste the above award for your site.

While I had noticed these cheerful badges on some blogs, I had not given much thought to the award. I now know more about the Sunshine Award. When one receives an award, she or he must:
1. Nominate 12 bloggers.
2. Put the award logo onto the sidebar or within a post.
3. Link the nominees within that post.
4. Let the nominees know they’ve received this award by commenting on their blogs.
5. FInally, link to the person from whom one has received this award

At first, I thought this seemed a bit like a chain letter or an online counterpart. For my younger readers, chain letters were sent via “snail mail” in “hard copies”. The letters arrived in something called “envelopes”. The enclosed printed epistles urged recipients to make 12 photocopies and send them to 12 people in order to have good luck and avoid doom n’ disaster. However, the Sunshine Award does not appear to have a dark side or any threatening aspect. The award is all about sunshine and love, right?

Jinja enjoys stretching in the sunshine.

I decided to focus on food blogs, either exclusively or, at least, in part, on gustatory topics. I also chose to highlight those sites which are not the big-name-celebrity-chef-baker-or-amateur-cooks-who-have-made-it-so-big-in-the-blogospere-that-they-have-book-and/or-movie-deals. (Tired of my excessively hyphenated adjectives yet?) As this honour is completely subjective – as opposed to some objective criteria for blog awards?!? – I wanted to include blogs by good friends as well as those of people I have never met except via blogging.

Here are my nominees:

The Baking Barrister
A site I have discovered recently, BB is a young law-school graduate who is off to a great start with her new blog. Her diligence and variety of posts are impressive. The website is appealing, with a sleek design and many outstanding photos. I like BB’s combination of wit and prodigious blogging.

Blue Jean Gourmet

I found Nishta’s blog via the Haiti relief cookbook I bought (see Seven Spoons below). She has a clean-looking, well-written, informative, and fun blog, with many personal anecdotes. I was inspired to make fettucine alfredo right after reading her post on it. Nishta also likes Barbies with Afros and The Sound of Music – can someone be more qualified for an award?

Every Night A One Night Stand
This blog is by my friend, Jessie, who was volunteering in Vanuatu, when we were there. At that time, I had not met anyone who was doing a food blog before, and I enjoy keeping up with Jessie’s wanderings, academic pursuits, Ozzie life (in Ozstralia…), and her eclectic foods. Despite the blog’s name, it really is about food…get your mind out of the gutter.

Sunshine illuminates a coconut tree in Vanuatu.

The Food Addicts

This LA-based couple are very prolific in their food blog, with ample photos, in-depth diverse topics, and appealing recipes. Krissy and Daniel are passionate about cooking, baking, and eating in LA’s dining scene, and this comes across robustly in their blog. Also, their take on the chocoflan as miniatures inspired me to bake this dish finally, though as individual bundt cakes in my interpretation (stay tuned for my post shortly).

The Herbed Kitchen

This engaging site is a great gluten-free blog out of Toronto. There are many tempting recipes, with good directions and back stories on the site of “Ms. Whiteplates”, her nom de blog. Ms. Whiteplates is also very funny…the Sunshine Award also recognizes her acknowledgment of the fine line that separates the “buttless chaps” of motorcycle dudes from a contingent marching in a pride parade – a distinction which not everyone fathoms.

The Canadian Gulf Islands spread out below sunshine peeking through the clouds.

Island Vittles

This prolific blog is over on Pender Island, just a few islands away from my own. Theresa captures the essence of food and life in the Gulf Islands, writes clearly, takes great photos, has professional training, and her dog makes me want to adopt a Shiba Inu. We met at an inter-island food conference, and she proved to be a real person, both funny and intelligent, like her blog.

The Kitchen Masochist
I recently came across this fascinating blog, with so many cross-cultural and sub-cultural aspects of its author, an American expatriate in the Philippines, who is a Third Culture Kid – a term I had never encountered but completely understand. I like her diverse recipes, photography, and tales of living overseas, which resonate deeply with me, as someone who has lived in four countries on three continents (OK, one of them was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, kind of not a continent, that Asia-Oceania, now is it?).

A traditional sunshine breakfast in Vanuatu features THE best bananas.

Memories in the Baking

Marysol has a sumptuous blog, filled with tantalizing photos, food styling par excellence, and humourous stories in her posts. Although I keep going back for the beautiful desserts, I made her gumbo, which was a great hit.


As a Canadian who believes in bilingualism, I am pleased by Pierre’s recipes in French, with their translations in English below. His recipes are chouette, delicieux, et a la mode (cool or hip, delicious, and fashionable – not the “a la mode” with ice cream on top, though that is usually a good idea). I also like Pierre’s food styling and amusing personal-interest stories of odd happenings around the globe.

Seven Spoons

More Canadian content! Tara has a wonderful less-is-more aesthetic, writes very well, and features great recipes. She also was involved as the Canadian representative for the international-food-bloggers Menu of Hope online raffle to raise money for the United Nations Food Programme (I was the winner of a great skillet this past round), and she did the “Blog Aid” cookbook, too. So kudos for all Tara’s generosity in her volunteer fundraising!

Willy or Won’t He

Again, Will is a good friend of mine going back many years when he invited me to his Thanksgiving dinner – worthy of Martha Stewart herself – in Ottawa. While his blog is more about life, art, and music in Italy and elsewhere during his travels, there have been a few food-related topics – and it is Italy, after all, and how far can one get from food there? Besides, if I did not include him, I fear the “bitch slap” that Will threatens to give anyone, who dares to gush about how romantic life must be in Rome.

Sunshine makes George yawn - or perhaps he is hungry?

The Witchy Kitchen

Stella has a fun and intriguing blog, with many witch-related images – not to mention encouraging people to adopt the unwanted black cats, which often languish in shelters. Good for you, Stella! I also like her great photos (I never had seen a Surinam cherry before, and it certainly is gorgeous), recipes, and remedies thrown in, too.

From a ferry which used to serve its own sunshine breakfast, the sun sets in the Gulf Islands.

16 responses to “Twelve Wonderful Food Blogs Worth Investigating: Spread a Little Bloggin’ Sunshine

  1. What an incredible compliment! Thank you so much! I clapped and bounced when I came upon my little blog on your list (which I was perusing in a most unsuspecting way because I hadn’t made my way to blogger yet). Thank you, thank you!

    • You’re welcome, you’re welcome, Ms. Whiteplates! At first, I was alone I was petrified, I mean, I was afraid of this as the chain-letter thang I mentioned. However, it is a fun thing to do, a challenge to come up with just 12 blogs to recognize, and a good way to recognize other bloggers out there. Dan

  2. Hi Dan! Thanks for including us in the list of great bloggers for this award. The Sunshine Award just makes you feel all happy and fuzzy, doesn’t it?? I’m gonna add your site to my blogroll so I can always visit you often! Thanks again and happy eating!

    • Hi, Krissy. You’re very welcome, and thank you for adding me to your blogroll! That is very nice of you, too. I agree about the happy and fuzzy and add warm to that list – it is sunshine, after all! Dan

  3. Hi Dan,

    Congratulations on your award! I am honored that you’re sharing it with me. 🙂 Thanks for the wonderful surprise and your kind words. It’s truly a lovely thing to come “home” to after a long day at work. 🙂

    Those are beautiful photos of the Gulf Islands. It must be a beautiful island to live in.

    Thanks again, Dan. I humbly accept your award. Have a great weekend.

  4. P.s.

    I thought it was pretty amusing that you had to explain the way chain letters were sent the old way. I mean it really wasn’t too long ago that things were done that way. Now I feel slightly “old.” LOL

    The bananas here are pretty good too. They’re creamy and much sweeter than the ones we get from Sth. America back home (L.A.). But I suppose that has to do with the bananas being prematurely picked since they have such a short shelf life once they ripen.

    • Thanks, Ms. Masochist (OK, I know that is probably not your last name…). I’m glad you appreciated receiving the award.

      I just wanted to throw in some more cat- and island-related shots, while riffing on the sunshine theme. It certainly is beautiful here and almost never with the humidity of the tropics during the summer – not like Vanuatu or the Philippines. Other than long grey rainy winters, it is a great place to live.

      Stay in touch,


  5. Dan, I agree with you that at first i thought this was also a little like a “chain letter” but the great part of is that you get introduced to blogs you would never otherwise read. Again, love your blog and thanks for introducing me to your favorites.

  6. many thanks merci beaucoup pour ton gentil tag cela me fait tres plaisir je suis tout rouge!!!!
    et moi aussi j’aime bcp le ton de ton blog !! see you soon !!Bizz Pierre

  7. Many congratulations on your award, Dan!

    And thank you for having taken the time to share it with all of us!

    I need to apologize for being late to the presentation. I’d been away for the weekend (relaxing Jinja style), so I was tickled to have found this award waiting for me!

    Thank you very kindly!

  8. Hey Dan, congratulations on the well deserved award. I have often read your posts and been highly entertained. Oh, and sorry for not knowing. I had a virus on my computer that was only taken care of as of today, so I have had to use my Cauldron Boy’s work computer to even do a post on my blog. Very limited internet access…

    By the way, my Cauldron Boy calls himself a ‘jinja’. I have a feeling it’s for a different reason than the orange cat has that name-smile (Jewish+Ninja=Jinja). We’re both Jinjas actually. I’m a red head and he’s a Jewish ninja.

    Anyway, I am honored and accept, Dearie!

    • Hi, Stella. You’re welcome, and thank you for your nice remarks. I appreciate hearing what people think, of course.

      It seems like there is quite a bit of that virus going around these days….

      Isn’t “jinjy” or “ginjy” or however it is translated, Hebrew for “red” (or “red-head”)? I’ve never heard of Jewish ninjas before! Our cat is “jinja,” as that is “ginger” in Bislama, the language of Vanuatu, where we found here; I think it is hilarious that that she might be a Jewish ninja, too.


  9. Hey Dan, I’m not sure about the Hebrew word for ‘red’. I just know that my Cauldron boy, Adam, said he is a Jinja after I used this word to describe my red headed self. He quickly explained that he is a Jewish Ninja. Kind of strange since he is like the biggest klutz I have ever met!

    Oh, and I noticed my comment on your most recent post makes very little sense-I need to get some sleep (smile)…

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