About IslandEAT

I am an amateur cook and professional island-dweller off of Canada’s “left” coast. This blog is about cooking, eating, and living in the Gulf Islands (some of which are evident in my banner – I am fortunate to have such a view from my kitchen).

I am recording my culinary attempts – successes and failures alike – for you.  Yes, just for you.  These posts capture my explorations of baking, efforts in preparing savoury dishes, cookbooks (current and vintage publications), other food-related matters, and the occasional non-gustatory topic.

I like cats (and dogs), cakes (and pie), warm weather (and cool), cities (and the country), baking (and cooking), travel (and staying put), as well as classical music (and 1970s R & B), as well as good books (and bad TV).  And, no, I am not indecisive.  Nor am I conflicted…just kinda complicated.

The Felines of IslandEAT

Please visit George and Jinja’s own cat foodblog, I Can Haz Food Blog?


Jinja, the cat we rescued in Vanuatu

Jinja as a kitten in Port Vila, Vanuatu

Jinja as a kitten in Vanuatu


George hails from the Gulf Islands

The above photo of George is courtesy of John Pope Photography, who will make all brides – and grooms – look good (not to mention cats…).

George enjoys a spring day on the deck

NB:  Gravatar photo by François-Xavier Lanes (avocat et Luxembourgeois)

Please do send me your comments, feedback, suggestions, ideas, messages, or any-other- synonyms for whatever is on your mind. I am confident that your emails magically will make it all the way out here to me, on this remote quiet island in the Pacific. Contact me: islandeat(at)gmail(dot)com or else leave a comment for me on one of my posts.  Politeness counts – didn’t your mother tell you?

Thank you for taking time to visit my blog.  Do come back now, y’hear?

Legal Stuff

ALL content (that means photos, too!) © 2009-2010 IslandEAT. All rights reserved. Please ask first if you would like to use any content elsewhere. Your mother taught you not to steal, right?


34 responses to “About IslandEAT

  1. Nice Shot! I love Vancouver Island and BC in General. Sechelt is about as beautiful a fjord as there is in North America….

    Thanks for the follow on Food Buzz.

    • Hi, Eric. Thanks for your comment. This is a view from our deck, just outside the kitchen, looking over Vancouver Island (Victoria in the distance, with Mt. Douglas as the “lump” on the horizon). The mountains ofthe Olympic Peninsula in Washington state are unfortunately not visible in this shot. I can see why you like BC so much!

  2. Pleased to meet you! I’m from Seattle originally – still have lots of family and friends there which is great because I think there are few places as spectacular as the Pacific Northwest in summertime. You are so lucky to live in the islands there. Looking at your banner photo I can almost hear the ferry horn and taste the sea air – wonderful!

  3. Fabulous view you are indeed blessed

  4. Great site, great pics, great recipes!! Now could you overnight me some of that French Toast please?

    • Thanks, Jenny . I’ll put it on the great Pacific cosmic skateboard, which you’ll send back with chicken fried steak with a side of Special K bars, please.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    you have a very lovely blog

  6. Hello! Just found your blog! Where in the islands are you? I’m on Pender. I’ll be sure to keep checking in!

  7. Your kitties are so cute!

  8. Hi Dan! Great blog…I love the WWJD series – great find! Looking forward to perusing your blog regularly. Hope all is well….

  9. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I did start out capturing recipes from my mother’s kitchen, and will be posting more of these in the near future. I am also a creative writer, thus the variety of posts on my site. Please stop by again–I’ve bookmarked your blog to follow. Love what I’ve seen thus far.
    I’m on the opposite coast of Canada, very close to Prince Edward Island, and also love the water (cold Atlantic rather than warm Pacific).

  10. Hi Dan,
    Thanks so much for dropping in at Anna’s Table. I absolutely love your blog. You make the reader feel so welcome by sharing precious family photos, and giving us a glimpse into their lives. It’s like visiting a dear friend, sharing old family stories and favorite recipes at the kitchen table with a nice cup of coffee. Looking forward to your future posts.


  11. Wow….that a lot of places u have travelled to…really happy to discover ur blog!

  12. Lovely pictures of B.C.!

  13. Hi Dan

    I am so pleased I found your fabulous blog. Your recipes look and sound absolutely delicious – each one a taste-explosion for the taste buds so I have just signed up to receive your updates to ensure I won’t miss out on anything.

    My husband and I are also currently living on a small island (Mauritius) and have had two kittens make us their loyal servants. Not sure our cat at home (Sundays River, South Africa) will enjoy it when we take these two home with us next year.

    Looking forward to sharing with you.

    Sunny regards,
    🙂 Mandy

    • Thanks very much, Mandy. I am glad you stopped by so I could find my way over to your blog, too.

      My travels took me to South Africa very briefly (from a trip to Zimbabwe and Mozambique), so all I have experienced was an overnight hotel near the Jo’burg airport. I must visit for longer next time!

      I look forward to staying in touch with you.



  14. Hi Dan

    I am thrilled that your ventures let you to African soil. There are truly beautiful places to visit. Sadly I can’t say that I have ventured to your side of the world before – maybe one day…

    Bye for now,
    🙂 Mandy

  15. Dan,
    I was attempting to send you an email… but you didnt have a contact tab on IslandEat

    This is why…


    • Hi, Toby. Thanks so much for the award! My grandmother would have appreciated the “stylish” aspect of it….

      I also appreciate your alerting me that it is difficult to find my email.

      Thanks again,


  16. Hi Dan, First thanks for stopping by my blog and take time to leave a comment and let me find your blog. Wow, the view from your kitchen is beautiful. Nice shot. Now I am going to check out your posts. Do come visit me and let me know you did by leaving your comments. It will be greatly appreciated!

  17. I’m always fascinated to hear about island life, particularly in places that I don’t necessarily associate with island life. It looks like we both like experimenting in the kitchen. You’re the second person that I’ve met through Mandy. She is a people magnet!

    • Hi, Michael. Island life is fascinating and totally different from the occasional visit to such places – both good and bad….

      Mandy does have a fun blog and is impressive in her output.



  18. Hey, Dan! Tim and I are going to be in Vancouver for the International Conference on Fundraising. Think we could get together and share some food. We’re free April 3rd.


    P.S. seem to have an old e-mail but still have your blog bookmarked.

  19. Your blog is delectably scrumptious!!! And so, I have nominated your blog for the Leibster Blog Award!
    The rules of the award are @ http://knittingwithheart.wordpress.com/2012/12/11/a-liebster-blog-award-nomination-for-who

    Enjoy ❤

  20. Hello, congratulations on your blog, recipes and photos!
    I’m brasilian girl, curious, at what is eaten around the world.
    Mrs. Rachel

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