Recipe Index

Sweet Somethings

Breads, sweet, and other sugary bake-stuffs

Brownies and Bars







Puddings and other chillded soft desserts

More Substantial Somethings

Bread and savoury baking

Brunch – Main Courses


Dips and Spreads



Salads and Dressings


Side Dishes and/or Vegetarian Mains


...the source for the salmon and other seafood we eat here.

4 responses to “Recipe Index

  1. Dan I absolutely love the feel and intimacy of the WWJD postings. Also makes me chuckle. 🙂 Can’t wait to make it back to BC and hopefully we can meet up and do some cooking… Someday. Thanks for sharing a look into your soul.

  2. Hey Dan, just found your fudge pie recipe on Pinterest and after reading some of your blog, realized that we are kind of neighbors. I live in Victoria (only for the last 3 years) and love it out here. Maybe going to try the kosher pork recipe as well…..I think my bubby made something like that too..form the “old country”! Well as they say here in Victoria…cheers! Niki

  3. Love your recepies; thank you so much.

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