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A Tantalizingly Tangy Regal Ruby-Red Preserve: Blood Orange Marmalade

Blood orange marmalade, just processed

Are blood oranges the fruit equivalent of the macaron (the darling of the cookie realm) or of cupcakes (which now outshine their fully-grown adult cake counterparts)? Blood oranges do seem to be a “hot” fruit of late. In this case, I do believe this is a warranted culinary fixation, given the glorious character of the blood orange.

Ruby-red sophistication in a marmalade

Blood oranges remind me of a trip to Sicily five years ago – before the latest food fad trend started. Everywhere we went, blood oranges and blood orange juice were abundant. In a small hotel in Lipari (one of the Aolian Islands off the “big island” of Sicily), there was even a big plastic rectangular orange juice server – the kind that cools and constantly aerates the juice and allows one to dispense it into a glass by depressing a lever. These contraptions are common in self-service breakfast rooms in cafeterias and motels in North America, but it was a bit jarring to find it in an old pensione in an ancient historic place like Lipari, releasing a torrent of bloody juice, at the touch of a button.

Dress it up or down, this marmalade suits all occasions

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