2010 – A Year in Food, Part Two

Following on the previous post, here are my favourite dishes which I made for the first time in 2010, followed some year-end musings.

Top Savoury Dishes

5. Yorkshire Pudding – from My Grandmother Jessie’s Recipes

4. Jewish Pork Tenderloin – from My Grandmother Jessie’s Recipes

3.  Linguine Umami – My original creation

2.  Deep-Dish Chicago-Style Pizza – from America’s Test Kitchen

For the top savoury dish, top sweet treats, and…

1.  Qualicum Sea Scallops in Brown Butter and Hazelnuts – My creation

Top Sweet Treats

In the previous post, I included pictures of the Double-Chocolate Double-Malt Frosted Brownies and My Grandmother Jessie’s Brownies (the latter is the lead photo), I made five other new sweets I really enjoyed:

5.  Hot Fudge Pie – from My Grandmother Jessie’s Recipes

4. Mocha-Walnut Marbled Bundt Cake – Dorie Greenspan’s recipe

3. Sponge Cake – from My Grandmother Jessie’s Recipes

2.  Pink and Perfect Strawberry Chiffon Pie – Kathy Casey’s recipe

1.  Chocolate-Malt Buttercream-filled Meringue-Iced Chocolate Cupcakes – adapted from A Feast for the Eyes and Sweet and Crumby

Favourite Project

By far, my favourite ongoing project was the 19 recipes I discovered 19 years after the death of my grandmother Jessie.  The series, What Would Jessie Dish?, allowed me to remember my grandmother, her quirky and witty character, and her cooking prowess.  Many of my grandmother’s own recipes are on my favourite lists above, despite the fact that I did not remember them from my childhood.  So it was fun to discover them, just as many of  you did.

It was a test of my own culinary abilities, as many of her handwritten and hand-typed recipe cards were laconic at best, in their directions, and woefully incomplete, at their worst.  However, I was able to make all her dishes, having to research, re-try, and re-make some.

Thank you to my readers for joining me – and indulging me – in this trip down memory lane.  I am kicking around the idea of turning the series into a biographical-cookbook, with a few more recipes, more photos, and some even more outrageous tales from Jessie’s life.

A Few Final Thoughts

I have enjoyed interacting with my readers from all over the globe, checking out your sites, and learning more about you.  This blog has been a way to create new friendships even – with one of my “regular” readers and blog buddies coming to visit, from “across the Pond” early in the new year!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and to visit IslandEAT.  I hope you will return, find a recipe or two to your liking, and have a few laughs even in 2011.  A healthy and fulfilling new year to you, wherever you may be.


16 responses to “2010 – A Year in Food, Part Two

  1. Thank goodness we’re off to dinner soon, otherwise I’d be headed to the fridge. This post made me very hungry.

  2. I am SO excited to be coming over in the new year 😀 It’s going to be amazeballs, Dan! Thank you again so much for your hospitality!

    I’ve read both of your round-up posts and salivated (once more) over all of your photos. I think the flan one is my fave photo, and of course, I heart WWJD. Also, incredibly interesting food trend predictions! I wonder which of those we’ll see evolving over the next year…

    Happy New Year! See you soon 😉

    Jax x

    • Hi, Jax. I appreciate your comments and reliable support over the past six months since we met. Not to mention how much I have learned from you, e.g., “amazeballs” and your other lingo – all new to me!

      I promise to help you with your N. American/Canadian/B.C./island-induced culture shock when you get here….

      Enjoy Espana,


  3. I would have loved your Grandma Jessie.
    Happy New Year.
    Looking forward to sharing recipes with you in 2011.
    🙂 Mandy

    • Thanks, Mandy. I’m sure Jessie would have loved you and your cooking, too!

      I look forward to reading more of your fine culinary tips and recipes on The Complete Cookbook in 2011.

      Happy new year,


  4. I have enjoyed discovering your blog this year, Dan, and especially loved your series about Jessie’s recipes. Happy New Year!

  5. Michele Patterson

    Happy New Year Dan, I have so enjoyed your blog since joining this year and am thrilled you are having fun and success with it (including getting pics and recipes picked up!). I look forward to reading every new post.


    • Thanks, Michele. I really appreciate your reading my posts so far. Maybe I’ll get to a Nanaimo bar variant in honour of you!

      All the best for 2011,


  6. OK! Now I’m officially starving and I’ve already had dinner. Checking out your site is not helping with my waistline Mr. Dan! Love’n your site and congrats on all your hard work this year. Job impeccably done. Wishing you a wonderful 2011.

    • Hi, Jenny. I appreciate your generous comments and the same to you, too, on VintageSugarcube!!! I hope you have a 2011 filled with lots of vintage fashion and recipes plus publishing success.



  7. I am going to try your Yorkshire Pudding recipe, that thing looks really good and i haven’t made it yet, so this looks like the perfect one to try. Again great reviews!

  8. Yorkshire Pudding! I have to be very careful when I make it…or invite LOTS of people over when I do, otherwise I’m eating the whole pan by myself!

    Hope you’ve had a great holiday season, Dan!
    and a Very happy and prosperous New Year!

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