2010 – A Year in Food & Food Trends for 2011

What are your favourite food-related items of 2010?

As I realized my blog is just over a year old (December 23, 2009 was my first post), I decided to jump on the bandwagon with my own year-in-review.  This post is on 2010’s top posts, photos, and favourites, plus trends for 2011.

IslandEAT‘s Most-read Posts

According to site stats, my most popular posts are unexpected – at least, by me.

5.  My adaptation of Peter Reinhart’s Multi-grain Bread.

4. No-bake Whipped Cream Mocha Ice-box Zebra “Pie”

3.  Thick and Chewy Brown-Sugar-Beurre-Noisette Cookies

2.  Thick Chewy Chocolate-Chip Cookies

For my most popular post in 2010, Five Food Trends, and Top Food Pictures…

1.  Chocoflan, or Individual Spicy-Mexican-Hot-Chocolate Flan-Cakes

Five Food Trends To Look for in 2011

This list is based on my observations, readings online and in-print, and my own fuzzy “guess-timates” for the future.

1.  In 2011, food blogging will continue to expand internationally.  For instance, in 2010, I have noticed a rapid increase in the number of bloggers living in India.  While this is anecdotal, I suspect it is true and indicative of a trend in India as well as other countries.

2.  While food magazines may continue to struggle with circulation (RIP, Gourmet – OK, it’s been over a year but I have yet to “get over” it), hard copy cookbooks will continue to flourish.  My reasoning is that the periodicals seem less “permanent”, as soft-covered magazines, as celebrity chefs – and others – will do very well with an ever-increasing cook-at-home market.  Good writing, humour, exceptional photography, and relevant easy-to-replicate recipes will be the ingredients for success in cookbooks in 2011 – and beyond.

3.  Interest will grow in making condiments, preserves, and other such “prepared” foods at-home.  Economic challenges combined with food security, increasing confidence in the kitchen, and health concerns will see more food preparation in 2011, e.g., canning, making condiments (which may or may not be preserved via canning, and creating other store-bought items, such as mayonnaise or marshmallows.

4.  The seemingly contradictory interest in eating healthful foods and decadent desserts will develop further.  Just as people seek more balance in their work/private lives, they will seek lighter more nutritious meals followed by indulgent desserts.  Fewer calories in a main course salad can allow for a rich chocolate brownie.  This approach does balance out, n’est-ce pas?

5.  Emphasis on locally sourced foods will not abate. However, I expect there may be growing tolerance of certain imported foods, which cannot be grown in certain climates, e.g., coffee, vanilla, and chocolate in the Southern Gulf Islands of Canada.  So maybe I am saying I will not give up these, regardless of the whole “locavore” thang…I am just sayin’.

Food Photos from IslandEAT featured elsewhere 2010:

My adaptation of Almond-Butter Hummous was one of the very first Featured Posts on Word Press’s new Food Press when it debuted in October.

Also on Word Press’s Food Press feature, the above shot of my grandmother Jessie’s “Pan-cakes” was among their top food photos.

The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) has featured three of my photos as the signature shots in their “Yummy B.C.”:

My Grandmother Jessie’s “Pan” Cakes

My Grandmother Jessie’s Swiss Roll

Double-Chocolate Double-Malt Frosted Brownies

1897 Chocolate Brownies

Stay tuned for more on favourites from 2010.  What do you think is in store for 2011?


17 responses to “2010 – A Year in Food & Food Trends for 2011

  1. I love your list, and will have to check out these posts. As my topics can be a bit off kilter, I don’t know if they’d reflect what people actually eat. For the longest time my most popular post was Sardanian maggot cheese. =)

  2. Happy Blogoversary for the 23rd. I still have 105 days to go.
    You have a wonderful list of recipes. I have bookmarked this post to come back when I have more time to explore all of your recipes.
    🙂 Mandy

  3. OMG – can I just live vicariously through your blog!?! I LOVE your recipes and posts, particularly your Chocoflan.

    I also totally agree with your predictions for food trends in 2011, especially #3 – I really believe that there is a growing interest in and market for homemade/specialty products.

    Anyway, thanks for the terrific post and blog. I am officially donning my new IE regular reader beanie!

  4. Happy New Year and Congrats for your 1 Year Blogging too!!

    Reading stats it can be nice, finding interesting facts of what people or bots like. I see most of them are sweets – people are clever haha!

    The point #4 is like good vs. bad – a balance is the name of the game 🙂

    Dan – have a Great 2011!



  5. I think you’re on the mark with your predictions…I certainly hope so about the cookbooks (wink, wink). Congrats on your photographic accolades this year, and best wishes to everyone in your house for the next! Theresa

    • Thanks, Theresa. I hope you have a good year over on your island, too. My predictions should have included a new cookbook from you, which does not focus on certain organs or such (I still can’t believe those two exist!)….


  6. The “Double-Chocolate Double-Malt Frosted Brownies” sounds great, make mine a double… great post.

  7. WOW – you have some great recipes and i love your predictions for 2011. I am with you. Especially more people preparing at home. Nice post!

  8. I am so glad you posted this because somehow I missed your chocolate flan. That would have been a crime if I had never seen it. YUM! I, too, am definitely into the eat more salad, therfore eat more chocolate mentality. Works for me. Congrats on all your photo features. Have a great start to your New Year!

    • Thanks, Geni. It is nice of you to say such nice things, but you are very nice, after all! Now you can make the upside-down choco-flan, too.

      Happy 2011 to you,


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